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Nepean River 18 12 06


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G'day Raiders ,

I went down to WATTOS yesterday to pick up the rod he and Claudia had so kindly given to us to replace the one that was stolen , and after a bit of gentle persuasion ,talked me into having a go after some bass in the Nepean River. Despite my protests , he tossed me a couple of lures and said GO FISHING!!!

So we raced back home , hooked up the boat , and took off for the river. We headed off to a spot that I had read about in one of our forum posts , in the shade , and we began casting under the overhanging trees . It was perfect on the river , slight breeze to cool us , the cricket on the radio , and after about 3 hours of casting I got a hit !!

Not what you would call a massive strike , barely put a dent in my new rod ( which is an absolute pearler by the way ) , but , nonetheless I had a fish on the end of it !! OK , it was only about 5" long , but it was my first Bass , First fish caught in freshwater , and the first fish on a new rod !! I was one happy fisho !! Took a pic , but having trouble with my BT adaptor , so no pics yet , hopefully I can post them before the end of the week so you too can be amazed !!! :074:


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