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Best Time For Tailor And Salmon


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Guest johblow

I believe there is a season for sambos, and im quite sure that they are on now. Id give sunrise or sunset a go at a high tide in a channel at Garie beach if i had some spare time :-)

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i have never got them at night

hope for jews after it gets dark!

one funny thing, in my experience salmon dont fight off the beach, but in the boat on lure they go so hard its not funny

i have got salmon all year round but mainly from sep-march

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Hi Domza,

Salmon and tailer are part of the marine food chain, which means they go where their food goes. So if there's baitfish in the area, salmon and tailer probably will be to. They're also pelagic (roam long distances up and down the coast), and mostly feed on smaller fish and squid.

In my experience here on the Central Coast, salmon and tailer can be encountered most times of the year, but they are around in numbers just before Christmas, when the whitebait run. And again in March through May (the best time for larger fish) when the sea mullet are running up the coast.

This can be good time to try for a jew: they feed on the mullet, tailer and salmon. An occasional whaler shark hook-up can add to the excitement.

It's probably a similar situation south of Sydney.



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