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Another Long Trip


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post-402-1167473690_thumb.jpgHi All

Well today we went east and Nth. Covered about the same distance as last wk. Was a sensational day wide, great blue water, smooth conditions, magic day in the ocean.

We went about 50km offshore to the Bait station, from Sydney so a travel Nth as well. No sign of Marlin for us, some spectacular excitment as we spotted splashes int he distance to have it deflated when close to see pods of pilot whales. Nice but not what we were looking for.

At least this week there was some great blue water, like Yankee lots of 22.3 clear blue stuff, but deviod of bait.

Tried both FADS, dropped some nice sized Dollys at Botany, nothing up north at all.

On the way in we decided to drop a cpl of lives @ Blue fish in the vain hope of boating something.

Invested in a Certae for Chrissy and matched it up to my Mahi Mahi King rod, and gee's did it earn it's keep today , ran out of lives and leader, there were some very big kings haunting the leadge today,

We boated a cpl of nice fish the biggest just under 90cms. They go so hard esp in shallow water ;) so a great finsih to a nice day on the water.

Happy New Yr too all. May 07 bring many hrs of fishing.


We were out today, call sign was angela, did not realiseu were a fishraider will have to say hi next time.

We left the heads at 7am, went to the BB Wide Fad, dropped 2 nice dollys went very quite,

Out to the shelf nearly to Browns for nothing, no bait. Having gone to the Canyons last week we decided to go very Nth, up to the Bait Station of Broken Bay, saw lots of pods of poliot whales and dolphins, not a sign of working birds or biat.

Tried the Broken Bay FAD nothing there or on the traps, so a long punt home.

We had a cpl of lives still kicking so stopped @ Blue Fish and scored a cpl of 90cm kinggs which brought some smiles back

Mate great work raising a fish, well done to get him boat side on your first good luck in the coming wks for some more.


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Gees you guys went a LONG way! Nice to see some good kings....kind of have a soft spot for these fellas :1prop:

Good to hear of some warm water as well. About bloody time. I am house bound for a while but will be out to try for some of our seriola friends on new years day! weather permitting.Cheers Kelvin

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Well done Jon, glad to see your efforts rewarded this time. Some very nice kings, those would put a smile on most people's faces. Thanks for the update of warm water, can't wait to get out there in the new year.

Have a great new years eve to everyone, and hope '07 provides you with many memorable fishing moments.

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