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Drummer Fishing


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happy new year all hope u had a great night. i would like to do some drummer fishing in the next few days since im still on holidays. i am a bit of a novice to drummer fishing so if there is anybody who knows any consitant spots would be most appreciated. iam familliar with the royal national park tho any rock spots in sydney will be taken in. cheers patrick

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You can try Cape Bank or the national park at Kurrnel. I think the water would be a bit hot for pigs though.

Cape Banks is the North Headland of Botany Bay. Drive to La Peruse and turn into the golf course and National Park. AT the entrance to the golf club turn left and follow this road to the pistol club and park. Walk down the track over a small bridge. Right out on the front of this platform there is a large bommie with a good gutter behind it big pig territory. Do not go under gunned. Not far form the bridge on the left is a small bay this area holds fish and just to the right of this you will see a pole in the rock on a high secion this is a good blackfish spot. Plenty of berley and fish wide.

On the Kernell side drive into the National Park and follow the road until you see a dirt road to the left going to Yenna Picnic area. Over to the left where the rock heads back into Botany Bay is a shelf that holds fish of in front you will find places to fish.

Good luck

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