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Myall Quays 2/1/07


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Went up to TeaGardens to pick up the :wife: and Daughter

Made sure I threw in my sp setup in the car

I have been here before and looked around and thought

this would be a great place to try some sps so I gave it a go

first cast...Bump missed second cast bang I am on

turned out to be a Stonker Bream took one photo

and let it go what happend after that was amazing

6 bream in an hour and a half all legal

only one photo as I was to interested in fishing

Saw an elderly lady watching me and after a chat

explaining what sort of set up I used (and giving her the FR Address)

went home packed the car and came home

sweet session I thought

the thong in the photo is 35 cm to give you an Idea how big the bream is

I caught it on a 3" Bass Minow in watermelon




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Nice work buddy, did you get em in the man made Myall Quays Lake or the River?

In the man made part mate ....it went off

as I said I have been there a few times in the river proper

and I have looked at the man made part a couple of times thinking

gee that looks like a top sp spot

and lo and behold it is a top sp spot( just make sure you dont walk on the

break wall or the home owners spew at you )



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