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Im New And Ready To Fish


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hi im luke im from sydney and 14 just getting ready for my first day ever of fishing tomorrow around yarra bay and forshore drive (thank you to fishfinder bait and tackle at matraville for all your help) and just wondering if there is anything i should know before i go tomorrow and HI!!!! to everyone :thumbup:

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luring i think is best for me because bait is to much trouble and the shop told me its just better for me to do luring but i wanted to aswell seeing i am allergic to octopus and squid and havent tried much seafood and i might stay that way just in case :biggrin2:

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yes big tony hooked me up with the right lures dont have a digi camera can try with my phone but yea and i am in need help with what fishing rod i should get around $60 if anyone knows which i will get tomorrow prob from ***** some fishing rod from there i already got a bait fishing rod today and found that i bought the wrong one but lucky i can take it back

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A big :1welcomeani: to the site Luke.

I hope your very first fishing experience is productive. if it isn't...don't worry as we

have all had non fishy days.

You will get more and more hooked on this fantastic passtime and the knowledge you

will get here will be invaluable.

Don't forget to post your fishing adventures, whether good or bad, as we all

love to read the details and maybe pass on some tips for the future..

Best of luck.



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yea but i want to buy from x xxxx

because i have vouchers from xmas i can spend there

one more question what is a alright brand that would have a range from $60

definately a baitcaster combo, go for a rod from &*(&^, my first rod was from there and i got it for $50 it has served me extraordinairily well.... as i said on msn beach fishing and wharf fishing are a whole different ball game, im 14 and i had 2 have lessons on beach fishing.....

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