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Basssin In The Georges Upstream


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I was hanging out for a bit of a fish today as it has been a bit lean over the holidays :( so I rang Outdoordan

to see if he wanted to hike into my local bass spot as the barometer was steady and there was little wind.

The call came at 3.30 pm and Dan said he would meet me around 5pm :yahoo: .

The spot we go to is very picturesque and it holds a reasonable amount of small to medium bass at times.

With the influx of fresh water from the last few days of rain the water quality would be sensational.

We made the trek in and were not disappointed as the water was running steadily over the waterfall and the water looked very fishy :thumbup: .

We were using those little bladed spinners with a jig head and a small soft plastic attached. My second cast under the waterfall got slammed as the lure came out of the suds :1yikes: and the bass put on a very good display for us. The lift from the water was always going to be fraught with danger but the fish was well hooked in the corner of the mouth and there were no dramas, few quick shots and a nice 39 cms bass back into its hidy hole. We moved across the waterfall to the farside bank and commenced to pull a few nice little wild bass from the shadows which was fantastic for both of us. Nothing too big but wild bass none the less.

The terrain was hard going for an old guy like myself but Dan had no problems leaping over trees and rocks.

We ended up with 8 very healthy bass in our little session and Dan even scored one on a black fizzer :yahoo: .

The walk out didnt seem as bad as the last time I took Donna in there and we ended up going to Maccas on the way home as we were hungry and wet, yes wet stupid me decided to walk into the water to retrieve my lure from a tree and fill my boots up to the knee caps :074: .

We did see one really strange creature on the way in. We were both walking along minding our own business when we both just stopped dead in our tracks. It was mr snake and he didnt like us one bit and decided to rear his ugly head at us then bolt into the scrub. Dammm they move quick and we would have had no chance of out running it. Dan seemed to think it was a green tree python and was around 4 foot or so long.

Great way to spend the arvo with a really good mate and cant wait to hit that spot again real soon.












Cheers Stewy

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Hey Guys,

That's just a beautiful spot - bass'n takes you to some of the best territory I reckon, and to think in a City the size and population of Sydney you can still walk into a place like that and catch a wild Bass!!!!!




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As much as i like to think its the bass that keep me coming back, i must admit its the serenity and tranquillity of the place.

You really do forget all the troubles in life,

If you like the flanno Sammy, i can Knock you up one :1prop::074:

I told you all troubles go out the window, ......along with my fashion sense :insane:


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