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I'll give you a few pointers:-

I would suggest concentrating your efforts on a couple of hours either side of dawn and dusk - I reckon a rising tide tends to do best, but not essential. Its good to have a bit of wave action to turn the fish on, but if the water is full of suspended sand, its probably not worth it.

Learn how to pick out gutters in the beach. This is the deeper water where the bigger fish will lie. If you do a search of the site, you should find loads of articles telling you how to do this.

Pretty much all of the ocean beaches will turn up some fish at some point but give Narrabeen a go - tends to have good gutters, and its pretty big, so plenty of room.

Fish as light as you can get away with.

If you can, hold your rod rather than using a spike, especially if you are fishing for smaller fish (i.e. whiting) and you will feel far more bites.

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Aint none of the beaches fishing well at the moment, there's a cold current in and it's buggering everything up. I just spent a week on the South Coast fishing the beaches every day for very little reward.

However, until this current buggers off your best bet will be salmon and tailor, so squid strips and whole pillies in deep holes and gutters will be the go. Plenty of salmon around.

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Like Mondo said, there's nothing around at the moment with the cold water. I fished Dee Why on Saturday for a couple of Tailor and a heap of baby Salmon which became a real pain. They were hard to get away from as well. Most Northern Beaches fish well for Bream and Whiting and even the odd Jew and it will only get better in the coming weeks. Good luck.


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