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Port Hacking Sharks


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Hey guys

talked to my mate this morning who came back from fishing in port hacking land based (cant say where he'll kill me) and he caught 3 sharks during the night. all of them around the 4-5 foot mark and were taken on baits intended for kings. recently a few weeks back he and i went there and he caught another four footer. has anyone else notice the increase of sharks lately or have they always been there. would they be scaring off the kings at all

cheers patrick

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what kind of sharks were they?

not to sure mate. we know one was a shovelnose but the others we dont have a clue. we dont taget them and really dont know the different species. he thinks one might have been a bull shark but dont quote me on that mate

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hey there mate,

i was fishing out in the hacking a few weeks ago approx 2,

and my old man caught a shark i have no idea what it was except it was a shark approx 2/3 feet long and while we were heading outside and playing around the heads and spotted a fin in the water it turned out to be a dark shadow about 5/6 foot long with a great big fin comming out of the water,

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Sharks are pretty comen in the hacking

I have seen plenty caught and I even tale snared a small

Scalloped hammer head in great turiel bay,I clean lifted him out of the water

down at Lillipilli baths I have seen a guys there a few times at night catching

What appeared to be Lemon sharks :1yikes:

I am probably wrong but I think the world record or aus record Tiger shark was caught out the front of the


so yeh There are a few around

Tight Lines


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