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South West Rocks Breakwall


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Hi All,

I was wondering if someone can tell me how to get the breakwall at South West Rocks.

Im looking at maps via google and it doesnt show me where the breakwall is.

Would anyone be able to tell me what street its on? or better still provide a map?

I have never been to the area before and will be fishing landbased so besides the breakwall where else can a newbie try his luck?

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If you can find the wall,lol look for a spot thats about 5 to 800m from the mouth,

the wall actually narrows,(massive eddies) and theres a piece where the wall goes in at 45degs, use a baitjig and catch a yellowtail.Load the big rod up, make sure the tides half in or more and the suns almost gone and hang on :1yikes:

pb jew 18kg,bream 2 kg.

Ps. Dont sit your rod down otherwise it will go in right in front of your eyes.

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