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Lb At Swansea


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Guest Aussie007

ive fished swansea/belmont area a little (5-6 years ago) found heaps of flat heads just out in front of the swansea/belmont SLSC u should be able to get a few nice fat bream inbetween the car bridge and the boat ramp only problem is the current is fast i caught a big bream probably my biggest middle of the channel near the RSL club and the little moring channel there

fish around where it says lake enterance


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out the front of the club like gazza said is a popular spot - pick the tide as the current screams throught there - go for a walk along the bridge and have a look near the pillons where the bridge opens on a run-out tide - you may see some kingies.

Other spots to try are along the breakwall at blacksmiths, sandflats behind the airport - go past the airport at pelican turn first left and go to the end of the street - it turns into a dirt road - follow the road till the end you will come to a small boat ramp - on the right side there is a bay where you should be able to pick up some flaties, another spot is the jetty in belmont bay behind the shops.

Plenty of spots there - drop into the tackle shop - they will point you in the right direction

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