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Port Hacking 10/01/07


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The tinney has been on holidays without me and by all accounts did quite well in the Shoalhaven but I got it back yesterday and gave the Port Hacking a hiding.

6am start to get a bucket of nippers from Maianbar and whilst I pumped around the boat I left a mullet strip soaking in the deeper water. As i was getting back in the boat the rod doubled over and produced a nice 30cm bream. Good way to start the day.

With the tide heading for low I drifted a couple of live poddies down the channel from Gunnamatta with absolutely no result. the flathead must of all run a way from the holiday traffic. You cant blame them for this as there seems to have been a million boats going in and out of the ramp over the last two weeks.

Once the tide hit the bottom I headed for a favourite bream spot that produced a few just before chrissy. Burleyed the little point for half an hour and then with the tide starting to run back in I floated unweighted mullet strips over the weed bed and landed two beautiful 38cm bream. When they were put side by side they were almost identical. The only thing the nippers attracted was undersize reddies and toads.

Once the tide came up enough I hit the flats. This is where the nippers came into their own. 9 legal whiting, all on nippers, got dragged into the boat in 5 drifts. Every drift also produced 2-3 whiting that were just on/under 27cm. Clearly a good sign for the river.

On one of the drifts I did manage a pb whiting. 39cm caught in just 12inches of water :thumbup::thumbup:

Home by 11am with 12 fish in the keeper. Glad i got the tinney back!

Some dodgy pictures were taken with my phone camera that i will try and post once I have the laptop repaired.



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