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How Do U Find Out The Weight Of The Line A Rod Is Meant For?


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Hey All

I know its a dumb question ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but where on the rod do you find the recomm. line weight for a rod.

Ive got a backbone given to me recently an it says line weight 24kgs, an I wanted a 15kg stick so I took it back, an was told it was a 15-24kg stick, but THAT is not mention on the handle of the rod. So is there some secret formula is this a 24kg stick, 15-24kgs, or what??? Im completely stuffed, so I think I will have to keep researching. In the meantime I will keep trying to contact shimano with the serial no's, etc on the rod


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Guest danielinbyron

If u look at the back of the rod,{other side to reel} about 6inches up from the top rubber hand grip in small gold print it should say "BACKBONE ELITE BBE 6'6 BOAT LENGTH 6'6 LINE WEIGHT 15-24KG.." If its the same model as mine ..All my other rods have it written on the inside..{ reel side}

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