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Bass On Flygear?


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Anyone tried for Bass on flygear with any success?

Im a bit of a keen flyfisherman and wouldnt mind having a crack at the bass.

What flies have been successful in the past? my fav is a wooly bugger in brown for rainbow trout in lake eucumbene.



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Check out the current "Fishing DVD" it has a segement on topwater flyfishing or for bass.The "bass vampire" is a common subsurface pattern, you don't really need big flys but somthing that moves a bit of water helps rather than something that just looks like food.

Regards Charlie

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Hi bblayne,

The best fly for bass is the one that works on the day. :1prop:

If the bass are taking insects (cicadas, grasshoppers, crickets, beetles and so forth) off the top, however, the best fly by far IMHO is the Dalberg diver.

Use the biggest size you can cast on your fly gear, and cast into the thick cover. If you tie, or buy, Dalbergs with mono weed guards they are pretty much snag proof.

I tie my Dalbergs out of deer hair and with long rabbit fur tails. They float well and make a nice "plop" when they land on the water.

An occasional twitch will set the rabbit fur in motion. So don't be in too much of a hurry to start retrieving -- you may get a strike while the Dalberg's in the cover.

After a couple of minutes, if nothing happens, start a stripping retrieve, so your Dalberg "bloops" and creates a bubble trail.

Keep working the good snags well before moving on. You'll soon have the kinks stretched out of your fly line!




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cheers bob,

ill keep that retrieve theory in mind, sounds good to me!

i havnt really fished heavy structure for trout when fly fishing so im bound to be all over the trees trying to lure those bass out of there little hide-aways.

I might be up for a session on Friday morning around 5 aswell. Ive been meaning to hit the Nepean early since my last afternoon trip.

Let me know if anyone is going for sure



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Bass on fly is great fun.

Up here is brisbane we have 2 main techniques.

in the afternoons we have surface action and popper flies or small surface flies on floating lines are the way to go. (an ideal place to do this in the afternoons is Hinze dam- near the watertower banks)

in the early morning or mid afternoon the bass sometimes hold deep and school and stahy there and wont take any jigs or plastics, so fly gear is ideal here. with an 8 weight rod, striper V fast sinking line and bass vampire/deceiver or even a dark coloured clouser or epoxy shrimp patterns all do very well. wait and count down allowing the line to sink and strip slowly............... BANG!!!! you'll be on.

(an ideal place to do this around brisbane is maroon dam, which unfortunately is very dry at present).

But look on the bright side, MORE FISH PER UNIT VOLUME!!!!


Huey :074:

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