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Fishing February


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Hi Raiders, In Feb I am off for three weeks and plan on doing some fishing with a mate around the Sydney area and Hawkesbury.I was just wondering if anybody else would like to team thier boat up with mine and come out on Tuesdays or Thusrdays on the 6,8,13,15,20,22.I would like to go out to the FADS weather permitting but prefer to go with another boat.Not incase I break down but always safer in numbers if something does go wrong.

The more the better.I am putting this out there as there seems to be plenty of social people out there and be good to put faces on members and just a good excuse to go fishing.

Just let me know which boatramp and time you want to meet. :1fishing1:

Cheers :beersmile:


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If you decide to go weekends when the weather permits im down with that! I rather go whith another boat too :) Im not on holidays :(

No worries,We will hook something up.Just wait till it gets a little closer as I am working weekends just at the moment.Rotating shift work. :thumbup:


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