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...........carp Withdrawl Symptoms


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Seeing Parra council has drained the river to build the fish ladders (Does any one have any thoughts on the new fish ladder's they are building in the Parra river)and wiped out all the carp I had two alternatives one walk 500 metres up the road to chase carp or 2. pester the bream in the salt water session underneath parra weir.

Being the lazy bugger I decided to take the shorter option and walk down to the saltwater side of the weir.

Armed with a handful of lures smilin jacks, SX40's, 35mm scorpians and outback australis minnows (not my usual corn & bread)On my third cast this lil bream hit my lure


Followed by a coupla of other little fella's. The lure that did the most damage was the pink smiling jack and a brown australis minnow.

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