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De Snagging Lures


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You will save yourself thousands of buxs with one of those little beauties :yahoo: OutdoorDan and myself saved 10 Jackals in one day at Glenbawn and paid for the Tackleback 10 times over and I still have the Tackleback :thumbup:

This what they look like :biggrin2:



Cheers Stewy

Thanks Stewy :1prop: , looks like i'm going to invest in one =)

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Have a look at one called a Sna-Hu (or something like that.

They work the same way as a tackle back but they have a couple of lengths of chain hanging off the main body. The idea is if the weight of it doesn't knock it off the snag you can jiggle it up and down and get teh chain caught on one of the trebbles. You might bend a trebble or 2 but at least you get your lure back.

I have used mine a couple of times to get lures back where the Tackleback has failed

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Hi Anti-Carp,

The original tackle backs are probably the best one to go for. There are immiations from surecatch/wilson and other but are not so goo re: quality (in my humble opinion).

The tackle back comes in a small and large size.

small- for the shoreline/bank fishing

large- for boat fishing.

I used to own a small one- didn't use it much, i reckon the large one is best cause it can knock the lure and trebles free even iff they are embeded in a branch. so go for the bigger model.

i've also seen the ones with the chain, usefull at times when the chain is the only thing accessibel to the trebles to free them at certain angles- not too bad.

there is also a new one advertised- not sure what its called but it a a coil at the end of a stick this encases the snagged lure and allows you to pull it directly with more control.

I tend to gointo lots of detail, get carried away sometimes when talking about tackle.....

anyway, hope that helps

Huey :biggrin2:

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Just wanted to say thank you for all your responses. I bought the tackle back and on my trip today to Parra weir got snagged twice but recovered both lures.

However no bream but hey it's great just to be out there.

Paid for itself already :yahoo:

Too easy :biggrin2:

Cheers Stewy

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I watched a "BassMaster University" segment where they showed the tacklebacks and rather than using a handline to wind on the cord they used one of those retractable dog leads.

Saves winding the cord back onto a hand line.

Only downfall I could see was the limited length of retractable cord but I'm sure there would be similar items on the market that could be used. :biggrin2:



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