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Fishing Down At Gerroa

Guest rzep

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The family and I went off on a week of camping and just returned on the weekend. We went to Gerroa at 7 Mile beach with our camper trailer which meant that I couldn't take the boat.

That wasn't so bad as I thought that I would do a little bit of landbased fishing.

We were camped right on a creek that ran off Crooked River and it looked a likely spot for some decent flatties.

On Monday the 15th of January I had an invite out on my mates dads boat so we headed of out the Shoalhaven River and through the Crookhaven Heads to the Banks @ about 6:30.

The water temp was only about 19.6 degrees which meant for a slow day. We caught a heap of Maori Wrasses, little slimmy macreals and quite a few Sargent Bakers.

As we were only getting crap fish we decided to make a move and to fish just off Black Rock. Finally our luck changed for the better and we started to catch some snapper.

The first couple were just legal going just on 31cm each, then we started to get them between 40-50 cm.

Although still not all that large at least we were taking something back with us.

All up I caught 3 keeper snapper at 45-50cm. They were my first legal snapper also so I was happy.

Headed back in at around 1:00pm.

I didn't take the camera so I didn't get any photo's.

On the wednesday I thought I would have a bit of a fish in the little creek at the camp site as the family was still alsleep. I was using bread on an unwieghted hook hoping to get some mullet.

I cast right under an overhanging branch and my bait was gobbled down by a bream.

I took a copule of quick photo's and put him back to fight another day, he went just on 27cm.


I also caugth a copule of poddy mullet also but I wont bother posting them up.

On the thursday once again I had another early morning fish and I was using prawns this time to try and get some more bream and all of a sudden I get nailed by a flatty and he put up a great little fight.


Friday morning I went down the creek a little to have another little fish and this time I got 2 great size bream on prawn. The first one went at 32cm and the second one measured a 34 cm and was as fat as. Sorry I didn't take the camera down there with me and as I wanted to release them I didn't want to stress them out any more then necesarry.

I will make sure that I take my camera with every time I go fishing now.

Friday afternoon we didn't have much bait left so I thought another fish to finish it of would be good. I went back down the creek with Mitchell and taught him how to cast his little rod. Well wasn't he and I very happy when he pulled in this little bream.


Las bait of the day saw me get this eel.


All in all we had a great time down there and we will definatley be going back down there in the near future.

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Nice holiday trip there Paul. At least you got into some decent snapper which would have made your day complete.

A nice part of the world down that way.

Glad the little fella got onto one too..The smile on his dial says it all.

Thanks for the great report and pics.



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