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Difference In Reels


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Hi there,

a 'baitrunner' is a spinning reel, it just has some additional features...

When you close the bail arm of a regular spinning reel you engage full fighting drag, a baitrunner reel has a secondary drag that you can engage with a switch that applies a light amount of drag to allow a fish such as snapper or a kingfish to take the dead or live bait and 'run' with it... the idea is that you then pick up the rod and reel, turn the handle which engages the full fighting drag and off you go..

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That is a really good description from sammy

Also when dropping baits to the bottom it allows you also to have some pressure on line and rod tip

and might get bits whilst going down in the water column.

If your in total free spool/ bail arm open it is just loose line going to the bottom.

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