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Botany 25th Jan


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Myself and one of my sons slept on the boat so would a good start but the gusty South easter put a bit of a dampner on that.

Any way we went out to Yarra Bay to get some livies, as njsconst said the water was a dirty green colour but we managed to get 3. Decided to troll out to the Bot wide FAD however when I realised how messy the sea was went to the wave bouy instead.

Water temp at the bouy was 21.4, being the sea was so messy I decided to troll past the bouy first pass produced a little Kingy


second passing another Kingy, on the 3 pass we got a nice little Dolphin fish


Seemed to quite a few under the bouy but the seas made it difficult and son was not starting to feel the best so headed back into the Bay.

Bummed around for a while with no success so went to pickup another son and a mate. Saw njsconst getting his boat, he commented that the seas were dropping, so back out we went again we got a small king at the wave bouy, we decided to go out to the wide fad, water temp icreased to 22.4 around 3k past the wave bouy, unfortunatley couldnt find the FAD so still missing, no touches on the troll out and none on the way back.

Had quick bottom bash at the 50mtr mark outside the Bay and got a couple of nice Flatties and a 6lb Salmon


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Stewy boat is going great and I will report on that a little later, however one thing I know they are not great to sleep in the water balast makes a lot of noise, but i didnt buy to sleep in.

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My last post I gave out the GPS CoOrd for the Kurnell Wave rider buoy, well I dont know were I got that number from I must have been asleep or something, try 24.02.570 151.15.160 the buoy was a little South of this mark apologies I hope no one went looking for it.

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For those that dont have the GPS marks for the Kurnell Buoy 33.58.783S & 151.02.430E

You are a good man MARK :thumbup: Not many people would give a gps spot the way you have done.

To be honest i dont understand what the big deal is,about hiding gps spots.

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