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Man Speared In Head In Fishing Mishap

Guest mrs_rzep

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Guest mrs_rzep

A man has been taken to hospital with a fishing spear embedded in his head after a boating mishap off Western Port Bay.

The man, aged in his 30s, was speared just before 11am (AEDT) at Bittern, about 70km south of Melbourne, the Metropolitan Ambulance Service (MAS) said.

Spokesman Ray Rowe said the Country Fire Authority (CFA) was called in to cut the 1.5 metre barbed spear before the wounded man could be transported to hospital.

"What's happened is, it sort of hasn't gone in very far but because it's got barbs on it it's been caught, and so they didn't want to mess around with it until they actually got him to hospital and they could get it out," Mr Rowe said.

"Apparently he was getting off a boat or something and the thing became embedded in him so he was obviously finishing a fishing trip or going on a fishing trip.

"(It's) a bit nasty, he's a very lucky man."

Mr Rowe said the man was taken to Frankston Hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

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SUFFO :05:

Very scary for him.

There was a story on one of those true life shows some time ago of some guy who underwatered himself in the stomach I think it was, climbed over rocks, got into the car and started driving to get help - but had to keep the drivers door open so the underwater could stick out! Freaky. Survived too.

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