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Need Bass Help


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hey guys

ive been a keen saltwater fisho all my life and never given freshwater a go. ive read lots of posts on bass and they seem like fun. im hoping some of you guys with local knowledge can give me help and advice. firstly i live in liverpool and would like to go somewhere close thats pretty consistent for a newcomer to bass and the type of lures and colours which work well in that area. any advice on this or any other helpful advice would be much appreciated guys as id love to give bass a crack

cheers patrick

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I don't know all that much my-self having only fished for bass once.

But I also want to get into them so I went down to WATTOS yesterday and he fixed me up with a heap of lures that will do the job.

I would recommend going and seeing Sean at Wattos as he will have all that you need.

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Gdayyyyyyyy Patrick ,anywhere above the Glenfield causeway hold small to medium Bass and surface lures like the River2sea cicada or TT spin baits loaded with a 2 inch pumpkin seed or appleseed grub will do the trick for you .

If you need anymore help give us a yell :biggrin2:

Cheers Stewy

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