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Thursday Night On The Hawkesbury


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We spent Thursday night on the boat trying for a big jewfish.

Arrived about 6.30pm Thursday put in at Berowra Waters.

Alas, all we got was a slightly wet tail from a small shower early in the morning and two bite offs and one baby hammerhead shark about 2 foot long which of course went back in the water.

It was the first shark Mr Dalucius has caught so it was quiet exciting.

There were a lot of jellyfish in the water I don't know if this affects the fishing but we had a good selection of baits and it looked like the only things biting were the sharks.

We left about 9.30 Friday morning.

Going out in the harbour on Monday hoping to get our first kingfish.


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You did better than me. I went out the road bridge sat night and all i got was a Pike eel. What is it with the Hawkesbury? Sometimes you just don't even lose a bait??


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