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Finally,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Quality


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:1prop: Hey all

Myself an Greg went out early morning (2am) for some squid an hopefully some decent kingys! After three hours of squidding we got ONE :thumbdown: but full credit to Watto's it was on one of their LED jiggs!!!! Thanks Sean an Claudia!

Outa 4 boats squidding last night mine was the only squid i saw caught,,, disappointing!

With our only squid we bolted st8t for clifton, anchored up an waited (6am). Didnt have to wait too long after 15mins we had our first screaming run,,, didnt stick :thumbdown:. From their the action got real hot, real quick,,,,, double, an triple hookups :wacko: , missed runs you name it. We even had nearby boaties saying pass us your rod,,,, we will get it for you,,,, hands full,,,,, YEAH RIGHT!

In the end we boated only 4 kingys but they were ALL legal!!! WAHOOOOOO considering in the last month we have boated approx 60-100 rats between me, greg an kingsrule on our boat! By 7.30am they had gone off the bite, so we gave em another hr pulling heading home with 4 legal kingys in betwn 60-65cm

One of the best days quality wise for us in a bloody looong time,, , parents r eating kingy tonight with the grandparents :1prop:

Dan an Greg

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Your not wrong pete!!!!

Only prob is its a carpark down their, i got done twice on a nearby boaties anchor, an he got done on my once!!!! All works out in the end I suppose :1prop:


PS I got a BIG fillet of kingy on the BBQ now an a bottle of red to go with it

Edited by Dan and Greg
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