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Hervey Bay On The Weekend Report


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Traveled from Sydney to Hervey bay with the intent of hitting the open sea and tangling with the sorts of sports fish not available in Sydney like, Longtail Tuna, Queenfish, Giant Trev’s etc with a local Fly or lure only guide Paul Dolan at fraser coast sports fishing.

Unfortunately the wind was a 15n+ NW, pretty much the only wind that Frazer Island didn’t shelter the bay from so Salt water was canceled but Intent on giving us a fish Paul suggested we hit the dam in search or Barra and Bass.

I have to say I certainly wouldn’t have traveled to the bay if I thought I was going Barra fishing on a dam, just focused on the salt. But keen for a fish of any sort we agreed and had an absolute ball boating 12 barra and 5 bass.

It was much more fun than I thought it would be we both had a blinding time and Paul put us on the fish from the second we hit the water and learnt loads about Barra and how to get lures and fish out of snags!

Have a look at the photos on Paul's site.


Well worth a go if you find yourself in Hervey bay

Also, how are the northerly beaches fishing at the moment, any Whalers of Jews?



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