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It Was Alright.....


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Hey everyone,

Went out with Dad and zenman for a fish for kingies yesterday. No yakka's, alll we had was fresh squid. Went to spot X. 1 pinkie, bust off by a decent tailor. Moved on to clifton, on the way saw a bonito school but they dived before we could flick a slice.

Moved to a flathead spot for no result.

Went to clifton, squid strips are out, no result.

FInally went back to spot x and caught a 60cm flattie. Missed a couple as well. The water temps were really down today, really cold. BAd conditions....


P.S despite my pessimistic report it was a gr8 day :tease:

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Hey Henry,

Thanks guys for a great day fishing. Nice boat too!

Yeah we had to work hard all day to find a bite in that cold green water.

The flattie is looking good for lunch today.

All the best and see ya next time.

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