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Pittwater Yesterday And 28/01


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G'day Raiders.

Took the boat up to the Basin at Pittwater for some camping and fishing on Sunday arvo into yesterday. My mate and I managed to get a couple of hours in before dark on Sunday night which yealded a thumper Bream, a PB at 36cm, and a solid whiting at about the same length also a PB (don't worry, pictures to follow when i get them off my mates phone). Went down a treat on the double burner gas barbie back at the camp site might i add. A rough night sleep on the hard ground (forgot the sleeping mat's!) but ready to go all the same for a morning session which yealded 3 Flathead, the biggest going to 49cm( pics also to come). Back to the site for a couple of beers and a swim and out again for a top notch arvo session all together landing 4 Flathead a thumper Flounder and a Bream at 31cm. While i was having a nap my mate also landed two more Flathead at around 38cm (the freezer is stocked!) The flounder went down an absolute treat with the bream and one of the flathead after arriving back on land after altogether a successful couple of day's on the water. Here are some pics(post underneath).

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