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Yo Zuris

mr liaison

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hi fellow raiders, went to the tackle shop today in search of wat raiders are all fussin about....the deadly yozuri lures...to my suprise there were laser pro ones and all different ones, left me :wacko: which ones do fellow raiders reccomend....tight lines all

Regards Craig

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Personally i haven,t used others i have only been doing it for a few weeks now and i have used the yo-zuri

in 2.0 and 2.5 they hurt the pocket at first.

common colours are pink and orange

Certain colours work better on different days

i have found certain colours work for me


if you start to weight up how many squid you catch to how much you spend on a jig ,It sometimes can be not that costly. I lost one the other day not whilst jigging and it has worked out at around $4.00 per squid 4 squid caught on it it was a yo zuri.You could have a good run and catch heaps on a another, but then may lose a yo zuri first cast.

Or look at it this way drop a $2.50 snapper lead to the bottom and snag it first drop theres that gone.

hope this has helped a little

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Craig you just cant go past the Yo Zuris , they outfish standard squid jigs ie: razor backs at 5 to 1. They cost a bit more and I know it hurts when you lose one but you just cannot go past them. Their boyancy is precise nd I find the pink and orange ones work well.

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