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Where's The Best Place To Fish Off A Pier?


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Hey fishraiders!

I'm new to fishing and I am interested to know the best place to catch fish off a pier/wharf. I live near La Perouse and I see people fishing at the pier in Bare Island all the time, but I'm not sure if it's a good spot for a beginner. I don't know if these people are catching anything either. I do know that La Perouse is popular amongst scuba divers.



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G'day Penguin,

Thanks for the advice. Can you please tell me how to get to the Container wall (Mollineaux pt)? I'm keen to head somewhere this coming Friday for night fishing. Would you still recommend this place?


The container wall is runs along and extends to Molineaux Point......proberley not a good spot for the beginner thou, those boulders are steep.....I think they lock the gate at night so you may have to park out side the gate and walk or your car will be lock in.....(i have never fished landbased here - only relying on what others have said)

Try under Tom Ugly's Bridge on the North side

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