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Squid At Manly Wharf/pool?

Guest dicko1

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Just wondering if anyone has caught squid around the manly pool or wharf as it seems like a good spot, plenty of weed and rocks to lose expensive jigs on! anyone know how it goes?

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I've squidded there alot Dicko1 & you can usually pull a couple if you put the time in.

The run I used to do started at Marine land, then over to the wharf on the pool side, a few casts in the middle of the wharf, go left over to the little pontoon, ( also good for live yakkas ) & then to the rocks under the lights at the end of the small beach east of the wharf. Then back again!

This would take a few hours & it was rare not to get a few.

Good luck & I'll be interested to hear how it's going.



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