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Hey everyone this my first post on the site

Just wondering me and my dad have been catching a few jewies lately

nothing spectacular though, but what is the proper way to cook these kinds of fish?

Especially since they can get quite large lol

If anyone can let me know how they cut or fillet their big jewies

or even small ones it would be appreciated thanks alot

Also if u have any recipes for this type of fish id very much appreciate any help thanks alot!


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Guest danielinbyron

I eat almost all my fish fresh and give away allot of fish to neighbours and a few of the oldies in town here.. Make a decision how much you can deal with and freeze the rest asap for the big fish ..The quicker its frozen the better it freezes.. As apposed to being fridged for 3 or 4 days first .. I was unimpressed with my first attempts at filleting jew so I took my next one to the local fish market and received a lesson. Went a bit like this ..

I fillet jewies i know some steak them . I do this from belly flap or from bum to tail , Then skull to tail making the best incision i can all the way , wont make it first cut. Then use knife to assist the fillet away from the bone/spine at the tail..

On bigger fish, once you have about 6-10 inches clear on the tail .. make a two inch incision long ways through the centre of the fillet a couple of inches up..This you can put your fingers through and lift to assist you seperating the fillet from the spine all the way up the fish ...

They have funny ribs , don't be put off by them just go straight through them as u would any fish . Just assist the flesh away from the spine as you go and keep cutting as close to the bone as you can..lifting when it helps from the finger hole you cut into the tail.

The head goes great straight on a barby , the tough skin there {like alfoil} allows you to really cook it and the cheeks are deliscious.. From there its easier to remove the jewels to .

Thai chefs Tip.. get a table spoon and scrape the spine carcus and dig what you can out of the skull .. This is great for curries or like a fish stock to flavor any kind of sauce .. or fish cakes..its like minced jew fish very tasty.

Jew is a great fish to taste v plainly cooked but it is also great by its nature to mix with other seafood and flavours into Thai curries or marinara .etc. it still holds its flavor while absorbing others and it is not overbaring to the flavors of say squid and prawn , or muscles that you may mix in to such a dish . I chose to leave the skin on for these....

The smaller than say 70cm jew aren't much good to eat .. with the odd exception i chose not to keep much under 8kgs .. I encourage you to set your own limit as the bag limits are a little silly..The smaller fish survive well when released , the larger fish struggle.They don't reach sexual maturity until 85cm or so.

cheers d.

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