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Trial Of New Fishfinder Custom Pro Series Graphite Rod


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Hi Guys,

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on and test out one of Fishfinder Tony's you-beut Custom pro-series rods during the week...

Must say... these are "so choice"!!! wunderbar! :1clap:

So much nicer curve and feel than the t-curve bluewater spin I considered and 1 piece means no weak loading point at the joint... so no chance of lantern blowouts where the rod changes from say 4 wrap to 8...

The graphite blanks are custom rolled for Fishfinder by Pacific Composites and are sooooo slick compared to anything else I have felt in a long time.. and look great too... a deep pearl blue colour (blue resin over graphite?) ....great blank choice guys!!

I gave it a litteral hammering on 60-65cm Kings and it took it well ...even though it was only the 4-6kg version....

(BIG NOTE TO SELF: 6-8kg version is a must for kings next time.... just in case ... besides...I cant let them have too much fun...... but it WAS FUN!!! :1fishing1: )

The rod casts a treat too... with slick silicon carbide guides unweighted 6"-7" sluggos were no problem to cast.... working the sluggo was soo easy...

and a quality alloy locking reel seat means the reel cannot move... a problem some have experienced reading the reports. :fisher:

the 4-6kg version was prob a bit light on for kings but truely would be a deadly dream for lure and bait casting on fish like snapper, Flathead and Bream etc... (anything that is not a torpedo with fins basically)

I would like to see a multi-taper version of the same blank with a heavier butt section as it would be a killer all-round kingfish rod.

Bring on the next rod Tony!!! (and please let me try it!!! :tease::1fish: )



PS... I am soooo impressed with Tony's service and helpfulness... he spent ages with me looking at rods...

I cannot recommend that you speak to him highly enough...

Call Tony on 0418 631 022 or 9661 7967 at the shop

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Great to hear another totally satisfied customer of Fishfinder Custom rods!

I was in the shop today to give the final inspection of my 50lb Jig King, which is one of Tony's own "spectre" blanks, 100% virgin extruded jap carbon, its just the bees nees! The amount of power in it is something to behold, but the tip has enough action to work those heavy 300 and 400 gram jigs.

The quality and finish is the best i have seen on any factory or custom rod, which was pieced together after hours of trim colour selection, guide selection, grips, reel seats, gimbal blah blah etc etc.... I have come away totally satisfied!

I will pick the rod up next week and hopefully put it through its paces next weekend on some monster kings out in the deep blue. I will post up some pics and videos!



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