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Boat Ramps At Picnic Point - Georges River


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What are these 2 boat ramps like as I have a 5.5m fibreglass boat which is quite heavy, so I don't want a sand ramp.

I also noticed in the street directory that one has a toll gate.

Do either of these close at night time - ie gated?



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End of River Road of henry lawson drive

the ramp is in the national park is $7 a day parking and has gates which are locked over night

open times are 6.30am to 7pm Don,t qoute me on times.Lots of space on ramp and is fairly good ramp

There is another one of Carinya Rd

It is small and there is limited amount of parking spaces there is also a $5.00 ramp fee

the ramp is good

not sure about closing if it is chained up or not.

Both these ramps i have used within the last 3 months and i didn,t have an issue

5.0m quintrex

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thunder, i believe the national park ramp is the best. The only faults is the gates are closed at certain times. I have used oatly bay and found the ramp itself crap. I couldnt launch my 4.7 halfcabin properly due to it being so shallow.


if u click on that link i put up a photo of the ramp and abit of a description

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Guest Aussie007

national park is pretty good for space u will see 2 cars per ramp mid summer but u need to be warned it gets choc a block full u get alot of impatient people that have no respect and cant wait inline the big rush starts around 4-5pm the boat ramp at picnic point boat shed is alot better more steep u have a walf next to the ramp and fee is cheaper but parking is hard to come by in summer

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