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Live Bait And Egimax Spray


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hey guys

went out today to bobbins heads did not have much luck caught one flounder, but there was heaps of livies and could'nt seen to hook any of them. was using a jig and a mullet trap, but they did not want a bar of it(any tips would be helpful) . Was also after some of that egimax spray, Rang fishfinder bait and tackle and they said they could not help, so was wondering if there was anywhere else i could get it from. preferrably closer to windsor.

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Guest Aussie007

try the clear tube type live bait trap attach a float and retreive rope berly up with bread once the mullet are in a frenzy toss the trap out with a few small peices of bread within 20cm radious of the trap u will find u will have your max bait limit within an hour

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