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Drought Leads To Native Fish Relocation


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Drought leads to native fish relocation

The impact of the drought in southern New South Wales has led to an emergency relocation for a rare species of native fish.

Usually found in the Murray River, the southern pygmy perch has come under threat because of rapidly shrinking waterholes.

The New South Wales Department of Primary Industry says the fish used to be widely distributed and could be found in South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania but it is now a threatened species living in a tributary of the Murray.

The department's Stephen Thurston says the drying pools have left the fish more vulnerable to predation by birds as well as rising temperatures and a lack of oxygen in the water.

He says 100 of the fish have been taken into care as insurance against the demise of the wild populations.

At its last count the southern pygmy perch population was just over 370.

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