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Crystal Fireline

the bream

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Dan ive ordered some crystal fireline from the states 3lb, it's what i need for flats fishing but i hear it's not good for windy conditions.

As for Siglon it the only leader iv'e been using for the last 3yrs and love the stuff, nitlon ive heard is also good but havent used it yet.

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Hi Dan,

I must say I use cyrstal fireline and I am not all that impressed with it... though this is in 20lb for kingfish etc....

It is not invisible... no line is... even leader material... just less visible than something else...

One thing you will find is that fireline is not true braid... it is twist and then heat fused.... other fused braids such as mustard super braid are braid ...then heat fused...

Fused braids can be misleading in this way.... unfused braids such as finns and others in a dyneema or PE braid are true braid because without the fusing they will fall apart without being braided.

as for braid in itself... it has next to no stretch and therefore you have better feeling of bites through your fingers...

You will need some good leader material... several feet... mono or preferably flurocarbon which is much more abraision resistant and tougher, but otherwise it is personal choice.

One thing you MUST make sure of is "Is my reel suited to braid?"

Basically... your reel MUST wind the line on very evenly and in a fine tight pattern!!!!!

Most of the current generations will do this... however be prepared to have to modify the reel slightly to fit shims under the spool to ensure the full face of the spool is covered with braid....

sure you will get it on your reel otherwise... BUT.... getting it off the spool without grabbing, tangling or twisting is critical... and you dont want to continually stuff casts to timid fish or have the line grab in the spool in the middle of a huge kingfish running on your drag.... it will bust you off. (this may result in the expensive habit of throwing equipment overboard)

There are true benefits to braid though....

1. it has a fine diameter.... eg 20lb has a diameter of 8lb mono (just dont run it through your fingers with a big fish on!)

2. it is stronger... 20lb braid breaks at around 30lb.

3. braid has no line memory... no annoying spirals

3. unfused braid is softer (but more prone to knotting than fused)

4. fused braid is stiffer (good if you are unsure about reel capabilities) and has no memory but prob wont cast as far as unfused as it is rougher ... therefore harder on your guides and reel.

it is worth trying but get some solid avice based on the gear you intend to use....

I would suggest you give a call to or go and see Tony at Fishfinder (he is also a site sponsor and you will get a discount anyway)


Rodger Wearne

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Guest fishrunner


I use 2lb crystal on 1500 luvias and find it excellent,- casts really well :( , Fair enough there were a few wind knots in the 1st few hrs of use, but from then on has been excellent, as mentioned it isn't as clear as mono, I actually find it very easy to see. So a flouro leader is req'd.

I also have 4lb crstal on another 1500 tierra and it's good as well,- good knot strength , etc.

Have only used suglon a few times with no complaints, I use Razor alot and it's great, started using hrf and have found it good as well,- many choices there!

good luck :beersmile:

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What do you want to use it for? Im using it for bream spinning at the moment in 2lb and 4lb

So far Ive found the 2lb good for HBs and poppers but only if you are casting with the wind as it is a bit light and blows all over the place Its really good for flats fishing poppers and HBs but no good for SPs unless you are ripping bass minnows or flickbaits over the flats

The 4lb casts better than the standard coloured fireline(I dont know why) and is good for SPs as it isnt as wind affected as the 2lb So far I havent had a problem detecting bites as I can still see it though the pink is a lot easier to see for that bite detection

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hey guys i will be using it on a plufgner(spelling) medallist on a drop shot is that ok for cast light jig heads and small to meduim minnow and diving minnows??

If its the light dropshot rod 1-3kg or 2-4kg They will cast light lures well

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I'm a big fan of the crystal fireline in 2lb which I use for trout spinning and light estuary work. Still need a leader though I'm afraid, but being so fine it casts beautifully and is still strong enough and hard wearing enough. I haven't tried the 1lb yet , but I reckon it would be the goods if fishing in a relatively non-abraisive environment though as I do a lot of small stream work where the line gets dragged over rocks etc, I like a bit of extra thickness.

As far as the siglon goes, the sinking flurocarbon stuff is great line but is let down by the crappy spools it comes on as the little line clip comes off and the line then goes everywhere. Its also relatively expensive compared to some other brands such as nitlon.



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I have stopped using siglon about a year ago as the knot strength was poor. I was using stuff in the 40-60lb range for kings. Started using Seaguar and have not had the same issues with knots.

With the berkely fused braids, they are excellent for casting with spinning outfits to about 14lbs. THe springy nature allows it to cast further than the limp braids. On 6lb strngths, the berkely casts about 5-10 meters further than woven braids using the same weight and gear.However, over say14lbs the springy nature of the stuff becomes excessive and it is difficult to handle.

I have loaded berkely 14 fireline for my spinning outfit for kings.In tests it breaks at over 28lbs. In the last 2 months, I have caught over 50 kings on this gear on lures and nil probs.

I also use 6lb braid for squid and the berkely fireline out casts every other line. Cheers kelvin

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