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Botany With The Misses


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hey all

went out for a fish with the misses this morning to botany. she's been asking to come for a while so i took her out today. wasn't after kings or anything like that jus wanted to get her hooked upto some fish. we left the ramp bout 9 and headed out to the third runway. peeled her a prawn and what do you know first cast she's on to a bream


took it off the hook, baited her up again and before i can even rig my rod up she's on again post-3161-1170583691_thumb.jpg

she managed to catch a few more. then we called it a day

laura 6 patrick 1 she did well and it was fun to spend time with her doing something that i love. already she cant wait for next time

cheers patrick

ok sorry still trying to work out posting pic :1prop:



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Nice post and great pics :thumbup: It is great when the missus gets out for a fish and catches a few nice ones as well :biggrin2:

I will be taking Donna for her maiden Blackfish tomorrow and hopefully get her a first of a new species .

Cheers Stewy

ps Join the missus up as well as we welcome all ladies and lasses to the forums :yahoo:

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