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Are All The Beaches Dead?

Mondo Rock

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Just wanted to know if any Raiders are having more luck than me when it comes to beach fishing?

I've been soaking live beach worms off the Eastern Suburbs beaches regularly over the past month and I've barely caught anything. Where I used to pull 10 whiting in an hour I'm now fishing for three hours without getting more than a couple of half-heated bites (and no fish at all).

I fished the run up tide Saturday night to the 10:30pm high for nothing, then came back the next morning to try the morning high for the same result. It's all starting to get a bit depressing really.

So is anyone having any better luck, and if so do they have any tips?

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Now isn't that interesting - the South Coast beaches are clearly still fishing quite well.

I wonder what it is then that's turned the fish off the bite up here? And more importantly - for how much longer is this bloody 'quiet time' going to last!??!!!

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