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Botany Sunday 4th


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I checked the weather on saturday arvo and it was agree'd it was too good to be wasted so i quickly went and prepared the boat. Decided to have a late start and got to the bait shop at 6 and after long que's, we were on our way to cooks river ramp where i saw cars with trailers but without boats LEAVING the ramp area..uh ohh not a good sign. When we entered there was NO spots left :mad3: and about 10 were wasted due to idiots with no trailers parking in the trailer zone. After a 10 minute launch (5 minutes was wasted on the street parking and walking) we were on our way. Got to my yakka spot and it took use around 3 hours to get only 12 yakka's :05: . We then moved over to the end of the molineax point also known as 'the car park'. There must of been 40 boats parked there and i joined in right at the back. After an our saw two guys hooked 2 kings, one lost his and the other landed it and went around 73cm if i heard correctly. Decided to stay for the tide change at around 1040am but nothing happend. I did see my yakka getting harrased so i picked up the rod and had a massive strike but i pulled up to early and the king spat the yakka right out of his mouth, i felt some good weight, much more then my previous king at 65cm.

Later moved on to the hot water outlet, oil wharf for not 1 fish :thumbdown: Then decided to do some whiting and flattie drifts but all i could get was those little pinkies and one trumpeter. Ohh well another fishless day, but it was just good to be on the water.

p.s just a question, does anyone know what the structure in the middle of the bay is?

here is a photo.


If it doesn't get answered here ill stick it in the photo's section.

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Im not too sure... I have seen it from forshore drive as I went past... in Penryn estuary area...(where everyone skis etc)

I suspect it has something to do with the new Port construction.... basically it will mean that at least 1/3rd of the area from the end of the exisitng port and boat ramp to the 3rd runway and back down into penryn estuary will be closed off and the boat ramp relocated to along forshore drive....

It will be messy for a long time boys.... and we will lose some good fishing ground.... thanks to the state government

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