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Dont Know Alot Lol


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This is a 2nd hand report I received from Greg via piece of paper an SMS!lol

More (2) legal kingys in the fridge when I got in from work, a cold 6 pack for me :beersmile: . An a note I gotta pickup some vegies or chips to go with my fish :mad3:. At least Greg could have picked these up toooooo on his way home from fishing. Ive been working alll day

Anyhow enough baffle an dribble :beersmile: ,,,, He tried CG this morning for 2hrs (6-8am) for a zero! Gave up on CG an went cruising for some kingys,, rrrrrrrrrrrrrr,,,,,,,,,,, low an behold spotted them on the surface an came home with 2 legals, 70cm approx each,,, an throw back another 3-5 rats or juussst legals. Even though they were on the surface he got all of em on our famous or infamous bought squid! Even though they were on the surface these kingys were feeding on the tinnny baitfish ie 15MM or smaller,,,, the same things the sambos at the heads were eating before Xmas last year. All kingys were caught on small squid strips,,, bigger baits out didnt get a touch,,,

Greg is now in bed getting up in another 6hrs to get some squid for tmr's session :074::074::074:


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