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Rod Roof Racks


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Does anybody out there have any ideas on rod roof racks??

I've had a look at the retail market, but they want 130-180 bucks for Thules or Rolas - too much money for one or two 13 foot beach rods.

I've got roof racks on the car and I could just tie the rods onto the racks, but I wondered if there were any ingenious ideas you fishraiders may have come up with over the years??


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How simple is that? :thumbup:

I've been thinking of ways to hold all or some of my rods on the roof fully rigged up similar to that and now it's all been solved.

Saves throwing a beach rod with sand all over it into the rear of the fourby whilst fishing off the sand too!!

Thanks for the link Dan, very helpful and very simple.

Now I can get the rods out of the back of the car and out of my daughters' and wifeys ears when we hit the brakes. :074:



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