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Corroded Quinny


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i own a 94 mod quintrex fishabout. i came back from fishing the other day and pulled the bungs out and noticed alot of water came out. I got home and pulled up the floor and noticed quite a bit of pitting on the inside of the hull, with a couple going right through (obviously where the water came in).

any ideas on how to stop the corrosion?

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That much corosion in a 94 is pretty bad - I have a 1981 lazeabout, still in pretty good shape.

Quintrex had a run of boats around 1980's with some kind of spaces between the ribs and the sheet. Most got recalled and refitted as it caused a corosion problem.

Is the boat moored or anti-fouled - need special antifoul on tinnies.

Are your anodes on the motor as coroded - may be your boat is sacrifical to the motor anodes.

Also do you use the frame of your boat as an negative connection, like a car does? - big no no in a boat. (Galvanic corosion)

I annually remove the floor, and vaccum the crap out.

As for a fix, welding holes over is expensive, as is sheet replacement.

Best cheap fix is "weld it" - a 2 part epoxy, and you push it through the hole, and flatten the putty out on each side.

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If you have any mods or attachments to your boat, stainless or otherwise, make sure the joins are coated with a non conductive galvanic corrosion inhibitor. Id say some brand names but not sure if thats allowed :biggrin2: just do a web search. cheers.

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