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Bass - Nepean 9/2/07

Steve Mc

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Went for an arvo/night fish in the kayaks up past the narrows on the Nepean.

Put in at about 6pm and things started well. Using surface lures we (brother Glenn and mate Ross) got a few hits with no hookups. Then I did hook a nice one that proceeded to wrap me in the weeds and left me there as he took off. Then my luck turned better when I hooked up and landed a nice 35.5cm bass. Not long after I landed a 29cm model. Nice clean fights with no weed to cause a problem. I was using a yellow kokoda cicada imitation and Glenn was using a fluro green jitterbug. He hadn't had a touch so changed to a black one. Not long after he landed a nice 35cm version (yes that is half a cm smaller than mine!) Ross meanwhile had landed a couple of babies and a small herring. It was about this time that darkness came over and it was like a switch had been flicked because it all went quiet. Not a touch between the start of the darkness and 10.30pm.



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