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Botany Bay Outside


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You cou;d not asked for better weather today, we tried to get some livies in Yarra with no success some opted to go straight out and look for Dollies at the Botany waverider, water temp 22 but no Dollies current as Crazyfisher dude said running North, decided to troll up to the Peak we had no strikes on the way so turned and headed out towards the Shelf.

Halfway to the shelf had a strike but hooks failed to hold, the only excitement was my long rigger being taken by a miss guided Gannet warter temp was 23.7 .

Anyway we decided to go back to the Peak and when we got there there was a lot of bait and stripe Tuna were going balistic, we landed 3 the largest went 4kg, If these fish got to Yellowfin size youd never land them they put on a great show. :1yikes:

By this time the NorEaster had picked up and we left the fish going bonkas.

It was a very good day and my son biggest fish to date so that makes it a worth while effort


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