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Beacon And Fad Port Kembla


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we were on the water about 630 (mate slepped in) first stop was to catch some livies got them prety qiuck just off the breakwall so it was off to the beacon headed out past pig island noticed one of my mates out there trolling around livies he had 2 nice king fish about 80cm so we thought we would give it a crack trolled around for about 30 min not 1 hit so it was off to the beacon started trolling around livies and flicking around plastics not a dolphin fish in sight tried this for about 1 hour still nothing so we decided to troll some skirts to the fad had 2 hits on the way up come some little stripies trolled and drifted around the fad for a couple of hours ended up with 2 little dolphin fish not one hit on the livies pretty quit day out there water was 23degrees ah well thats fishing i guess bloody dolphin fish :mad3:

cheers mik


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