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Dusted At Quarantine!


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Hi all,

Was out at the car park yesterday and got dusted in the morning on live squid. this thing bit straight through 80pound leader after a small fight. My mate hooked on to another desent size fish but took him down under the rocks.

Returned about lunch time armed with a large squid and a small cuttle fish, striped up the squid for dead baits managed a 65cm King on my lite gear wich was fun, then dropped down the cuttle fish on the bigger rod, i was about 3/4 of the way down when it took off i even had trouble getting the reel in to gear it was moving so quick, finaly was fighting this monster and i think you no who was winning! I managed to retrive some line but for every bit i got he took double, My drag was pretty much wound right up, and this thing was stiping line so i decided to try and slow him down with a bit of thumb on the spool. Then PING.....!!!!! :mad3: AGGGHHH.. no more fish!

Iam sure this has happened to everyone but i cant forget about it! I caught a 81cm King in the same spot on new years day and that had nothing on this thing! would love to know what it was. Im thinking a monster king or a shark!!

Was hoping that someone landed one of them or got busted off as well try and make me feel beter.

I think i reconized a couple of boats out there yesterday of this site, my boats the white 4.5m fibreglass with the big Australian flag off the arial withl 70hp Tohiatsu


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Hi Dan,

I've also had a similar experience there last year.

After trying for ages to find yakkas, we use the only fish we'd caught

a trevally of about 30cm so I dropped it down on my mates "giant killer" outfit , 50lb braid and 100lb leader.

As soon as it got near the bottom it appeared to be snagged and it woudlnt come off. I tightened up the

drag to "try" and bust it off which seemed to upset the "snag" somewhat which then started to make

a beeline towards the yellow marker at a slow pace about 40 feet away.

Nothing would stop it regardless of pressure, and

there was no fight, head shake or pulse from a tail. It then wrapped itself around the chain, as i could

feel the chain moving up and down, then it was gone.

It could have been a big ray, as I've hooked plenty before - but very unlikely as to hook one up straight away the livie would have to had swim straight into its mouth.

A big octopus, but usually if you can pull them of the bottom you can pull it up and they wouldnt head

for a chain, more likely a rock crevice

But it will probably likes yous it'll just end up a mystery like so many other bust off stories,

to be discussed and theorised down the pub for months to come.

I did speak to a group of divers there a few months later who said a big grouper had taken up residence

around the chain and was quite territorial so it may of been him ( or her )


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i think u need to go back with tiagra's :1prop:

I only wish i have similar experiences one day!

What kind of gear were u using?

Hey Domza,

Yeah! not using that reel again.

Good abu garcia rod with a fairly cheap overhead on it! that is the only cheap reel i have and it had to go off like that! lesson learnt. first thing i did when i got home was take the reel off the rod.


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I've never really had a similar experience, only once did i get reefed and thats because i was trolling and the king took off and i couldnt hear the drag going off and by the time i realised he was well and truly under!

Every other time ive dropped a big fish, is due to the fish spitting the hooks or the odd time when the fish bites me off!!


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