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Brisbane Waters

Mondo Rock

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Fished Brisbane Waters on Friday of last week for some reasonably consistent flathead action.

Worked the shallow sand/weed bars near the mouth very early in the am while the tide was still falling using silver fox pattern squidgies. Ended up with a good bag of flatties, none of which were record breakers (all around 35-40cm, and a couple of flounder. It always amazes me that flounder will hit a lure with such aggression.

Moved to the Rip bridge (anchored basically underneath the bridge on the north side) to try to catch the (low) change of tide and put some whole squid out for jewies. While we waited we flicked lightly weighted baits and were picked clean by very small bream - eventually I tempted a larger model with a small piece of squid cut to look like a flick bait.

The bottom here was very snaggy (I imagine there's no sand at all given the speed with which the water rips through) and we were losing a lot of tackle. Eventually the big squid bait went off, but when I picked up the rod I realised the four meter leader was caught up on the snags on the bottom. I was worried, and it took some frantic manouvering of the rod tip, but it eventually came free and I managed to boat a decent sized . . . . leopard ray. Bit disappointed and the whole rig had to be discarded as the leader was really shredded thanx to the bottom.

Gave up on the Rip after that and headed back to the flattie flats. I dunno how to fish that bridge yet, but I guess I will in time.

When we got to the flats the tide was wrong and it was mid-day, so nothing was in our favour, but another two flatties were willing anyway.

The Saturday saw us head out to West Reef. VERY quiet out there - no action at all, either on the sounder or on our lines (except for red rock cods).

Good weekend though, with a feed and plenty of time on the water.

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Would love to join you boys in the harbour or bay one day soon - just a bit hard given that the boat is based up in Brissie Waters and I don't currently have a car with a tow-bar!!

Will be fixed soon though and I might be able to bring it to town for a few days. Can't let you two have all the fun.

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