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Fig Tree Bridge/five Dock Bay 12/02/07


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hey raiders

just thought id report on the terrible conditions today..

got up at 5am and saw that it was raining, so called my mate to cancel. half an hour later the rain stopped, so gave him another call, and we were down at fig around 630am. too windy for SPs so soaked a few baits, came up with a tiny throwback flattie and a bream. rain started to pour, and the wind picked up so we decided to move. drove down toward five dock bay ramp on esplanade rd and fished there fr the rest of the day. managed a couple of legal whiting and a bream, but nothing too special. let them swim again. also hooked a big blue swimmer which went back, the whole time in the HEAVY rain. luckily there was a little picnic shelter which partially kept us dry :1badmood:

anyways.. overall a very very terrible day weather wise, i hope there were no raiders as silly as me picking today to go for a fish :tease: . planning to head back out to give fig tree another go later this week, but until then!


Davy :1fishing1:

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