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Shimano Triton Tt50w


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They were Shimano's first lever drag game reel and came out in the 1980's. I dont think they supply parts anymore. I still have mine from the first shipment into Australia and its still going strong. The waterproof drag was a good feature and an advantage over the Penn Internationals and Everols available at the time.

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Well if they don;t have parts anymore then it might be an idea to get a diff type of reel.

What do you think? id'e be using it for LBG

Depends on the price and your budget. Ie if the reel is cheap enough then this will negate the lack of parts.

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I have 3 shimano beast masters 20/30 and 2 30/50's i use, they needed a good service to get them to run good, the drags used to squeel but now are smooth as, i look after them really well a good wash, dw40 pull them apart and clean the insides every few uses but i guess nothing would bet a tiagra or international :1prop:

cheers james

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Ok so you can get parts for em :)

Well I gotta say there is a wealth of info with you guys on here.

I might look at getting it in the end if i get it for a good price.

Fishfinder is saying you can still get parts for the Beastmaster, that was the model after the TTS. You could always ring up the Shimano importer to confirm re the TTS. I heard the parts were low for the TTS some time ago.

In my 20 year old TTS I have never had to replace a part so they are still a good buy in any case if the price is right.

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