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Sevylor Inflatable Fishing Boats


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Hi all,

Has anyone been in a sevylor fish Master, Fish Ranger or a Fish Hunter? what are they like when rowing or connected to an electric motor. how do they compare with the sevylor Fish hunter series

inflating and deflating etc....

I am planning on buying one of the above and use it in the Georges River.

any comment would be appreciated

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I have Fish Hunter,it used to row well,I put a 2.5hp outboard

on the back and it handled it well.

However it punctured to easily I believe when I ran slowly into

a branch poking out of the Barwon river near Walgett,at least

it didnt sink.


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Thanks Penguin,

what sort of speed can you get with the 2.5 outboard (km per hour). ?

should i go for the 2.5 hp outboard or the 40/55 lb electric motor.

how long does it last with the a full tank.

Which fish hunter do you have ? is it the 360 or 250 model ?. did you purchase the boot option ?

Thanks in advance

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I Just sold my fish hunter 280. I ran it with a 4hp johnson on the back and it went good up to about half throttle then the thrust pushed the engine down too hard and buckled the boat in the middle. Went good under oar power. It said it was rated for 4 people but any more than two is not practical. I think the electric motors would be the go as they are heaps lighter.


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